Growth Hacker Marketing

Marketing Achievements

Here are just a few examples of what GHM can do:

  • Aurora Recovery Centre
    • Built new website resulting in an increase of 30% in traffic, 20% time on page, and 15% reduction of bounce rate, while implementing a lead qualification process that led to a lead conversion rate increase of close to 40%
    • Saved Aurora Recovery Centre approximately $50,000 in first three months through financial budget audits
    • Served as Executive Leader for Recovery Day Winnipeg, bringing thousands to The Forks to celebrate recovery
    • As Sales Director, increased internet lead conversions from 7.8% in 2019 to 15.4% in 2020; social media conversions from 2.7% to 33.1%; word of mouth conversions from 23.7% to 50%; and radio conversions from 16.3% to 45.5%
  • Meditek
    • Increased website traffic by 700% in first year of content marketing and qualified conversions by 1200%, resulting in over $1 million in sales leads in the first year of implementation
    • Outranked billion-dollar companies for comparable products and services, dominating first page of Google results
    • Individually responsible for developing a B2C sales communication experience in a B2G market, saving a projected 150 to 200 hours of internal employees’ time annually, and at the same time increasing customer satisfaction
  • Wincas Hostel
    • Transformed hospitality business into the number one spot regionally and top-ten contender nationally (Argentina)
  • Clearline Technologies
    • Increased C-Port website visibility from ranking for one keyword out of ten to ranking for all ten, with most ranking in the top five results (and sales from the previous year were met with four months left in the fiscal year)
    • Increased C-Port website from 1.95% in April 2021 to 8.5% in November 2021 (visibility out of 20 competitors)
    • Championed a significant upgrade in IT systems, in terms of project management, which included new hardware (server, router, etc.), and writing a documented guide to internal IT Management
    • Created an app-service that provides on-demand remote tech support for daily digital issues (MyGenie)
    • Rebuilt the Clearline Self-Storage website and increased rental occupancy from approx. 82% to 98%
    • Reinvented the C-Port Rewards program and website to facilitate easier transactions and history tracking