Growth Hacker Marketing

Defining what Growth Hacker Marketing is

The term, Growth Hacker Marketing, is relatively new in the marketing industry as of the writing of this article. While some call it a re-branding of an already existing marketing philosophy, others argue that there is a distinction. While this article is not for diving into technical definitions, we wanted just to educate you on what Growth Hacker Marketing involves.

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Where did Growth Hacker Marketing come from?

Sean Ellis was the first to coin the term back in 2010 when coming up with a new job description.

What does Growth Hacker Marketing mean?

There are a lot of definitions out there.

Wikipedia, Neil Patel, Sean Ellis and a whole bunch more have their own takes on what it means.

Essentially, Growth Hacker Marketing focuses on growth as their true metric. Start ups need to grow fast. No growth when you just invested in your business to get it off the ground means your cash flow will be running out fast unless you can make sales.

It is the focus on growth through marketing and sales funnels and segments, product development, and finding ways to most efficiently run the business.

What will Growth Hacker Marketing do for your company?

As an all-inclusive marketing services agency, our company, Growth Hacker Marketing, will help you find efficiencies while focusing on getting sales quickly and repeatedly.

Check our our marketing services page for more info on what we can do for you.