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Email Marketing - It's all in the details

When it comes to email marketing, you only get one shot to get it right. Mess up, and your customer isn’t going to give you a second chance; they’re going to simply swipe delete.

Unfortunately, and also fortunately, most people aren’t like me.

The norm won’t reply to an eblast pointing out errors in the email. But not this guy (two thumbs pointing to me).

If you send me an eblast, and it’s got errors, bet your bottoms I’m replying to the email to let you know (unless of course you’re one of those bad marketers who sends an email with a no-reply email address).

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So, the other day I received an email from a new on-demand delivery app service here in Winnipeg, which I might mention was my idea many, many years ago. The email’s call to action was to take a survey. I like surveys. So, I scrolled down and clicked on the “Take our survery” button (survery was intentional, fyi – read on). 

Nothing happened.

I thought, well I’m on my phone, which has a few screen cracks, so maybe it’s just not positioned in a part of the screen that isn’t affected. I scrolled up and down, clicking as I went along.

Still nothing.

To do more in-depth testing, I went onto my laptop. When I hovered over the call to action button, there was nothing. No changing of the mouse to let me know it was a link. It was just text.

While I was clicking away, trying to figure this thing out, I also noticed that they spelled survey as survery.

So, I hit my reply button and wrote them a sincere email telling them that their “survery button is broken”.

Fast forward an hour or so, I can’t really remember, and my phone email notification goes off. Not able to leave a message unread for any matter of seconds, simply because I (like millions of others) am totally addicted to my phone, I check it.

Fantastic! They sent a revised email blast. For good measure, they even added that it was a revised email in the copy, so as to not confuse anyone why they got a second email.

Me, being very happy that I now get to do the survey, scroll down to the link, and what do I see?

“Take our survery”.

All I could do was shake my head. 

Folks, when you are doing email marketing, stick to the old adage of “measure twice, cut once“.

In this case, review twice (at least), which includes sending and opening test emails on various devices, and click the links, and cut once, which is obviously the real send.

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