Growth Hacker Marketing

Marketing Services

What Do You Get When You Hire Growth Hacker Marketing?

When you partner with Growth Hacker Marketing, you’re getting an all-inclusive marketing services department. We’re more than just consultants who tell you what to do. We do the work ourselves, which means you have more time to focus on running your business. We take a holistic approach to every business we take on, as marketing is just one part of a larger entity.

General Marketing & Sales

  • Monthly reports on our marketing plan successes (and failures)
  • Holistic approach that encompasses how our marketing plan will grow your company
  • Branding strategies to make sure your products/services are aligned with what your customers want
  • Marketing strategies for specific products/services
  • Market research to make sure you know who your customers and competitors are
    • Tracking marketing trends and monitoring competition
    • Engaging with customers for primary research
  • Email marketing management
  • Increasing the value of your products/services in the eye of the customer
  • Innovating your sales process to shorten the buyer journey and convert more leads
  • Develop pricing strategies and value adds
  • Sculpting your value proposition
  • Strategies for market share expansion
  • Negotiate media contracts
  • Measuring ROI on all marketing campaigns and activities


  • Review and revision of current communication templates and processes
  • Creation of standardized templates for all communications
  • Fine tuning of main messaging for all stakeholders
  • Editing, proof-reading and styling of communication documents
  • Internal and external communications
  • Communication strategies

Content Marketing

  • Creation of content marketing calendar based on focused strategy
  • Creation of blog posts, videos, podcasts, info graphics, and more
  • SEO infused content to make sure your content is getting noticed
  • Management or training of any CRM platforms, such as HubSpotConstant Contact, etc.

Inbound Strategy

  • Monthly reports on lead conversion statistics, keyword ranking, etc. so you know where you need to improve
  • CTA review and revision to make sure that they are enticing and clickable
  • Creation of nurturing workflows to speed up the buyer journey
  • Website conversion revisions to make it easier for your website visitors to engage with you
  • SEO tactics and updates to make sure you're getting found by relevant customers
  • Lead scoring template to get better leads
  • Coming up with offers that your customers will appreciate

Social Media Management

  • Identify which medias are relevant to your business, so you're not reaching out to people who will never buy from you
  • Daily monitoring of all medias for brand mentions and opportunities for engagement
  • Social media calendar creation based on strategy as opposed to posting spontaneously
  • Content creation for social media channels (blog posts, info graphics, videos, podcasts, memes, GIFs, etc.)
  • Paid social media advertising management, so you're getting the most out of every dollar spent
  • Monthly engagement reports, so you know which platforms bring the most value to your company

Tender Management

  • Review of current tender management for efficiencies and improvements
  • Implementation of revised tender processes to make sure you're hitting all points
  • Identifying new opportunities to grow your business

Trade Show & Event Planning

  • Identifying opportunities for relevant trade shows or events for promotional branding
  • Negotiating with event organizers for booth positions, sponsorship opportunities, etc.
  • Trade show booth design to maximize appeal and make the most of your space
  • Pre-show marketing to engage with customers before the actual event, increasing traffic to your booth
  • Post-show marketing to follow up with potential customers and improve chances of closing leads
  • Trade show equipment logistics to and from the event

Public Relations

  • Creation of contingency plans based on recognizing potential threats to your company
  • Real-time advice on handling emergencies to minimize or eliminate negative sentiment
  • 24/7 crisis availability
  • Media training
  • Making headlines and gaining positive media coverage

Graphic Design

  • Info graphics
  • Flyers, magazine ads, and brochures (both print and digital)
  • Logo design
  • Website picture formatting
  • Product packaging
  • Business cards, postcards, etc.
  • Trade show displays
  • Internal and external templates


  • Branding strategies
  • Educating businesses on what branding is and what branding is not
  • Branding guidelines documents
  • Ensuring brand consistency with all touch points
  • Brand audits
  • Brand merchandise

Email Marketing

  • Experienced with all the major email marketing platforms
  • Creating, segmenting and managing email lists
  • Best practices for email marketing
  • CASL and GDPR compliant

Market Research & Analysis

  • Detailed reports with full coverage for your business needs
  • Detailed sources and facts
  • Analysis of what the data means in plain language

CRM/CMS Management

  • CRMs
    • Experience working with and customizing Salesforce, Hubspot and Pipedrive
  • CMSs
    • Experience with WordPress, Wix

Pricing Strategy & E-Commerce

  • Market research and competitor research for price positioning an strategy
  • Woocommerce experience with setting up online purchasing, including variable pricing structures


  • Identifying bottlenecks and redundancies
  • Improving cash flow
  • Strategies to improve efficiencies
  • Time management planning
  • Internal communications
  • Document standardization
  • Process standardization


  • Business plans
  • Marketing plans
  • Communications plans
  • Social media plans
  • Cost analysis
  • Break even analysis
  • Budget planning
  • Financial forecasting