Growth Hacker Marketing

Pricing Options

We always start with a free consultation to get a complete understanding of what it is you want to accomplish.

Marketing Partner

By becoming our marketing partner, you are getting the full power, experience, skillset, and expertise of a Director of Marketing level.

If you are really serious about growing your business, this is the option for you.

Other options include

Flat Fee

After our customary free 1-on-1 meeting, we'll provide you with a detailed scope of work and a fixed price.

If you're looking for something very specific with measurable outcomes, such as X amount of blog articles per month for so many months, we could base your cost on a flat monthly reoccurring fee.

Cost per Lead/Sale

This option is a minimal monthly retainer fee with a commission percentage of leads/sales. This model allows your business to have less operating costs while giving us the motivation to bring in qualifying leads that turn into sales.

The retainer fee will vary depending on what other work we are doing for you, such as website maintenance, SEO, etc.

Here is what you get when you hire Growth Hacker Marketing:

  • All of our Marketing Services
  • Passion and absolute determination to grow your business fast and responsibly
  • Weekly or bi-weekly meetings
  • Email and phone access to us during and after business hours, Monday to Sunday
  • The capacity of a marketing department (and more) for less than the cost of a full-time employee
  • Learning component where we teach you how to manage your own website through 1-on-1 meetings and videos
  • A partner for life – we will stay by your side and support you for as long as you wish

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