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Website Case Studies

Here are a few examples of what we can do for your business

At Growth Hacker Marketing, we’re looking to grow your business fast.

  • More exposure
  • Better brand management
  • Lower costs
  • More efficient systems and processes
  • Major increase in SALES!

Below are a few examples of our website and marketing consultancy work.

Green Inspirations Landscaping

Green Inspirations Landscaping (GIL) reached out to several companies for a website redesign. As is customary with all of our potential clients, we met with GIL for a free consultation.

The website was originally done back in 2010 era and was very outdated. It was not mobile friendly, some links weren’t working, and the formatting made it hard to navigate. Plus, there was no email-capturing form or way of qualifying leads.

green inspirations landscaping website

John Doerksen Electric

Coming soon

electricians winnipeg website

Reid & Miller CPA

Reid & Miller CPA came to us with an outdated and somewhat non-functioning website in the later months of 2019. With our initial website audit, we found that around 40% of the links did not work. Plus, user navigation was very hard as there wasn’t a great infrastructure in place.

Being an almost exclusively referral-only business, their goal was not to improve in search results, as it was to have a more professional website for prospective clients.

reid miller website

Henderson Legion 215

The existing website for the Henderson Legion was not mobile friendly, had almost impossible user navigation and was riddled with broken links.

Their biggest issue was that it was not an effective tool for promoting the legion and its events. As a non-profit organization, money was tight, so we wanted to create a new, functioning website and do it inexpensively.

henderson legion website

Lee’s On DeVries

Lee’s on DeVries had used Wix to create a website previously but had given up before even being halfway through the process (which we don’t blame them for – it is Wix after all).

Seeing the need to increase bums in their seats, Lees reached out for a new website design.

They were looking for a relatively simple site with lots of nice images. The catering inquiries had always just been to an email address listed on the old site.

lees on devries website

Dean’s Plumbing & Heating

In late 2017, Dean’s Plumbing & Heating came to us with a need for greater exposure. Dean had never had a website before, did zero social media, and hardly ever advertised otherwise. The majority of work came from word of mouth. But, after so many years of doing the same without innovating, Dean realized that it was not sustainable in such a saturated marketing as is the Winnipeg plumbing industry.

deans plumbing website

Winnipeg Roofers

Winnipeg Roofers was a side project we worked on in our spare time, with an initial purpose to educate Winnipeg homeowners seeking roofing or other external renovations knowledge. The ultimate goal was to either turn it into a lead-referral website or exchange it for a new roof. Trying to make a dent in the saturated Google results pages would be a challenge, especially since we didn’t have an actual company to attach to the site.

denali exteriors website

The Little Eggplant

The Little Eggplant is a Winnipeg-based Italian catering company. Started in 2018, The Little Eggplant offers food on the go in the summer with its mobile food truck, as well as year-round catering services to Winnipeg businesses and homes.

*Please note that the website has since been managed in-house.

the little eggplant winnipeg catering

Bring It Now

Bring It Now is a unique service that focuses on adding to the on-demand delivery services available to Winnipeg. While most companies focus on restaurant food delivery or grocery delivery, Bring It Now focuses on retail products.

The biggest challenge was creating the algorithm for the order form. We wanted to make sure that the customer could easily fill it out but also that it be intuitive.

*Please note that this business was sold.

Bring It Now Logo