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Bring It Now Case Study


Bring It Now is a unique service that focuses on adding to the on-demand delivery services available to Winnipeg. While most companies focus on restaurant food delivery or grocery delivery, Bring It Now focuses on retail products.

When was the last time you needed a specific item from Home Depot, Home Hardware, or Rona to complete a project that you were in the middle of doing but didn’t want to spend an hour of your time going to the store to get it?

Or, when you couldn’t make it to your niece’s birthday party and had no way of sending her a gift on her special day?

Or, when you ran out of an ingredient while making supper?

We’ve all had instances where we need something asap, or later in the day but have no way of getting it. That’s where Bring It Now comes in.

The biggest challenge was creating the algorithm for the order form. We wanted to make sure that the customer could easily fill it out but also that it be intuitive. 

The form calculates based off default settings, but once those change, the form is able to calculate the variables, such as more stores, more products, more quantity of the same product, etc. And finally, the form uses distance to calculate the base cost, and it is able to determine how to calculate it when there are multiple distances.

With the algorithm laid out, the next challenge was to get someone who knows about these things to actually build it.

This is where we have to include a word of caution. We approached a well-known e-commerce company to build it. They quoted us $150,000, which was a bit bold if you catch my drift. They were clearly trying to take advantage, so buyer beware before choosing a company that is not ethically or morally sound (which happens to be two excellent qualities of Growth Hacker Marketing).

In the end, their overpriced quote turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as we were forced to look elsewhere. In the end, we found a WordPress plugin that we customized for about 0.5% of what the other company quoted. Yes, you read that right: 0.5%.


With the form built, we were ready to put the site together.

In a previous marketing case study, we talked about domain names and how making up some weird word is fine…if you have the marketing dollars to back it up. In this case, we choose something that describes exactly what the service does.

We launched it back in January of 2017 with about the amount of success that we could handle at the time. The launch included a winter snow fort building contest, which resulted in about a dozen media outlets picking us up, including radio and TV.


Due to unforeseen complexities of life, we had to almost shut it entirely down for the next two years as we didn’t have the time to dedicate to it.

Not wanting such a potentially huge idea to go to waste, Bring It Now was officially sold in the spring of 2020.

Growth Hacker Marketing remains as a consultant to Bring It Now.