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Green Inspirations Landscaping Case Study


Green Inspirations Landscaping (GIL) reached out to several companies for a website redesign. As is customary with all of our potential clients, we met with GIL for a free consultation.

The website was originally done back in 2010 era and was very outdated. It was not mobile friendly, some links weren’t working, and the formatting made it hard to navigate. Plus, there was no email-capturing form or way of qualifying leads.

Since they are a fairly niche business, being a landscaping business in a smaller defined area (Whiteshell), they were already dominating the search results for those towns and areas. As soon as we searched a little farther out, say Steinbach for example, the rankings started to slip.

So, the problem was not rankings per say, it was more of a conversion and brand issue.

They needed and wanted a website that reflected the quality of their brand and was better at converting.


When they first bought their domain, however many years ago, they bought the .com version of their company name. Not wanting or willing to create a more keyword-friendly domain, all we did was switch from .com to .ca.

The next step, as always, was to determine their USPs, as this had not been done before. When you arrived on the old website, there was no reason given as to what was in it for you to continue on.

  • Response Time
    • In the rural area where they are located, not everyone is quick in responding to inquires. So, we decided that this would become one of their USPs.
  • Design. Build. Maintain.
    • We wanted to emphasize that this is a full-service, one stop shop for all landscaping and yard maintenance services. A lot of the competition cannot offer the same level of service.
  • Local
    • Since the area they work and live in presents its own challenges, as opposed to what urban landscapers deal with, we wanted to emphasize that they know the area and the land. As a bonus, we wanted to highlight that they’re a local small business, which the community should support.

Since landscaping is such a picturesque topic, we wanted to incorporate a nice gallery as well as an Instagram feed right on the homepage.

To better qualify leads, we created forms with qualifying questions as well as the ability to upload images of the work area, which is designed to increase efficiency.

For the Do It Yourself people, we incorporated online materials calculators, whereas before they were Excel documents that you had to download.

The owners of GIL are very much into seeing the finer details of their customer base and how they reached them. We created Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts, in addition to a free SEMrush account and free Hubspot account.


With a new website live (@ March 2020), we started seeing results almost immediately.

Probably the two biggest changes we saw right away were bounce rate and time on page.

Bounce rate went from around 80% to 50% and time on page went from around one minute twenty seconds to around two and a half minutes.

Another significant result was page views with an increase of about 20% per session.