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Henderson Legion Case Study


The existing website for the legion was not mobile friendly, had almost impossible user navigation and was riddled with broken links.

Their biggest issue was that it was not an effective tool for promoting the legion and its events. As a non-profit organization, money was tight, so we wanted to create a new, functioning website and do it inexpensively.

Memberships were in decline, as well. One of the focuses was to increase memberships by appealing to a new demographic.

Event bookings were also declining, so we wanted to increase that as well.

There were other issues as well, such as that no one knew the logins for any online assets, which was a first for us to encounter.

This particular project also included a teaching/learning component as they wanted to manage the website internally once complete.


The first thing we had to do was find all the logins for everything, which actually went surprisingly better and easier than we thought, considering no one knew the emails associated with any accounts.

We incorporated a new events plugin, which was easier to manage and update than the existing plugin.

To increase memberships, we came up with a few new unique selling propositions. Since coming up with the USPs, they have been replaced (against our advice) with “Enjoy great benefits”. Can’t win them all.

To improve event space bookings, we encourage the Legion to get new professional pictures done of the newly renovated rooms. As well, we incorporated a form with qualifying questions, as opposed to just listing an email address as was done on the old website.

To promote the special events, we created a slider of events right below the fold which shows the next 5 upcoming shows.


With the new website up and running (@ October 2019), we saw an immediate increase in business.

The New Year’s party was sold out faster than any other year.

The bounce rate fell from almost 90% to 40%.

The average session went from about 30 seconds to over two minutes.

Lastly, they started averaging around 20 visits per day, compared to around 3 with the old site.