Growth Hacker Marketing

Planned Projects Case Study


Planned Projects is the brainchild of Growth Hacker Marketing and a service like no other that existed at the time of its conception.

In a nutshell, similar home renovation projects within a defined area are consolidated and taken to tender. Planned Projects controls the entire project process from start to finish. This includes creating an open source tendering system, scoring the tenders using a proprietary algorithm, vetting the qualified proponents thoroughly, awarding the tender, and finally making sure that the project gets done right and on time.

The best part about this service is that homeowners don’t pay more than the contractors’ original quote, which means that it is basically free, and the homeowner actually still gets a discount.

Planned Projects is great for contractors as well, since the jobs are guaranteed and organized in a way that the contractors aren’t losing money due to inefficient logistics.


When we were brainstorming the idea, the first thing to get through was choosing a domain name. We know that there’s been a rash of weird sounding names over the last decade, but our firm belief is that choosing a generic keyword-friendly domain is more beneficial than coming up with a made up word that no one either knows how to pronounce or spell.

Side note: If you had a few hundred thousand dollars to spend on marketing, we might consider the idea of a weird name, but if not…go with the latter.

Note that we did all of the planning in terms of logistics and infrastructure prior to picking a domain name.

For our unique selling propositions, we came up with several.

  • Better Purchasing Power
    • By consolidating projects, we can increase our purchasing power.
  • 100% Free
    • The service is free to list your project. As well, since the homeowner never pays more than the contractor’s original quote, they are essentially not paying for our service as its included.
  • Less Work
    • Planned Projects takes care of all the leg work and due diligence.
  • Totally Anonymous
    • Some people don’t want their neighbors or prospective home buyers to know everything that’s going on, so we keep it tight.

Please note that, at the time of updating this (May 2020), the business is just starting but will be in full swing in about a month or two.


Too soon to tell. Stay tuned!