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Reid Miller CPA Case Study


Reid Miller CPA came to us with an outdated and somewhat non-functioning website in the later months of 2019. With our initial website audit, we found that around 40% of the links did not work. Plus, user navigation was very hard as there wasn’t a great infrastructure in place.

Being an almost exclusively referral-only business, their goal was not to improve in search results, as it was to have a more professional website for prospective clients.

Since the business name changed as well, we had to incorporate a new domain with the old one forwarding.


With the new domain in hand, we skipped right to choosing the company’s unique selling propositions. As with most smaller businesses, no one really ever thinks about these or even really knows what they are and are not.

They ended up going with USPs that normally we like to stay away from. For example, being trustworthy is something that everyone can claim to be and no one can really measure it. But since they were not interested in new business, the USPs were not a major focus.

One interesting thing we did to create some movement and uniqueness was to integrate Canada Revenue’s Twitter feed on the home page.

The other thing we did was fix all the broken links, which were mostly external to Canada Revenue.


Since they were not interested in really knowing how their website was doing online in terms of search, etc., we really didn’t pay much attention to these stats. As such, we can only really report on that they have received some very encouraging and positive feedback from clients.