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The Little Eggplant Case Study


The Little Eggplant is a Winnipeg-based Italian catering company. Started in 2018, The Little Eggplant offers food on the go in the summer with its mobile food truck, as well as year-round catering services to Winnipeg businesses and homes.

As a startup, and although they had social media going well, The Little Eggplant was in need of a website to create a larger online presence.

The idea of the website was to complement the social media effort and be a place where posts were redirected to.

Their vision was to have an e-commerce website where people could order and pay directly through the website.


Normally, when a client doesn’t already have a domain, we always suggest using a keyword-friendly domain. But since thelitteleggplant.ca was already purchased, we went with that.

Recognizing that this particular food was colourful and very photogenic, we assisted in a photo shoot to capture magnificent close-ups of the food.


As the website is still very young at the time of updating this (May 2020), and is still considered bare-bones or minimally viable, there hasn’t been significant results in rank.

However, the original goal of the owners was to have a website they could drive their social media traffic to, not necessarily get found on Google search for the immediate time.

As time goes on, feel free to check back here for updates on how the website performs.