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Winnipeg Roofers Case Study


Winnipeg Roofers was a side project we worked on in our spare time, with an initial purpose to educate Winnipeg homeowners seeking roofing or other external renovations knowledge.

The ultimate goal was to either turn it into a lead-referral website or exchange it for a new roof.

Trying to make a dent in the saturated Google results pages would be a challenge, especially since we didn’t have an actual company to attach to the site.


The first step was to find a domain name. With a quick search, we were absolutely startled to find that winnipegroofers(.ca) was available for just a few dollars, especially since its plumbing counterpart (winnipegplumbers.ca) was going for $3500 USD.

After making the no-brainer purchase, the next step was to come up with some USPs as per our normal way of working.

But…how do you do that for a purely resource site? Here’s what we came up with.

  • Knowledge Resource:
    • We would (and could) write unbiased blog articles, such as “who are the best Winnipeg roofers”
  • Advocacy
    • We offered to act as a third party support for homeowners when they had doubts or complaints.

We came up with a very simple logo, since we knew it was only temporary. From there, we started writing blog article after blog article. We did this for about a year.


After about a year and a half or so, we were ready to make a push. The first idea was to lease the website to a company that had no website. We found one and partnered with them for about eight months. During that time, the website produced approximately $200,000 in leads for new roofs, eavestroughs, and other exterior work. Not bad for being live for only 18 months.

At the time of updating this (April 2020), the website has not had any new content in at least 6 months. The average position for our main keywords is either near the bottom of page one or the top of page two.

  • Main Keywords
    • Winnipeg roofers
    • Roofers in Winnipeg
    • Best Winnipeg roofers
    • Winnipeg roofing company
    • Roofing companies in Winnipeg

For many long tail keywords, the website ranks high on page one (due to all the blog writing we did for a year and a half).

The website is now owned by Denali Exteriors and has “fundamentally changed [our] business”.